US Midwives' Knowledge and Use of Sterile Water Injections for Labor Pain

Lena Märtensson, CNM, PhD; Maureen McSwiggin, CNM, MS; Judith S. Mercer, CNM, DNSc


J Midwifery Womens Health. 2008;53(2):115-122. 

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Earlier research has shown that sterile water injections are a safe and effective treatment for low back pain during labor. The results of this study show that sterile water injections are used occasionally as an alternative pain relief method by US midwives and that those who do not use them would like more information. The results also show that there is a lack of knowledge among midwives about how to use the method and the mechanisms of action. There is a need to disseminate more information and increase knowledge about this method not only among midwives in clinical practice, but also among pregnant women and their partners.


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