Rapid and Real-time Assays for Detection and Quantification of Chikungunya Virus

MM Parida; SR Santhosh; PK Dash; PV Lakshmana Rao


Future Virology. 2008;3(2):179-192. 

In This Article


The TaqMan and SYBR Green I-based one-step real-time quantitative RT-PCR assays have potential utility for detection and quantification of CHIKV. These assay systems have been demonstrated to be rapid, easy to handle, highly sensitive, quantitative and specific. These features make it an excellent tool for laboratory detection of CHIKV in tissue-cultured supernatant as well as acute-phase patient serum samples. The RT-LAMP assay is an emerging gene amplification tool, having all the characteristics of rapidity and high sensitivity of real-time assays as well as the added features of adaptability under field conditions owing to its simple operation, rapid reaction, and easy detection. The rapidity and sensitivity of these real-time assays will assist in precise diagnosis, which will be extremely useful to facilitate suitable control measures and patient management at the earliest stages of outbreak.


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