Perception of Front-line Healthcare Providers Toward Patient Safety: A Preliminary Study in a University Hospital in Egypt

Hanan Abdullah Ezzat Abbas, PhDN, MScN; Nora Ahmed Bassiuni, PhDN, MSN, BScN; Fatma Mostafa Baddar, PhDN, MSN, BScN


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2008;8(2) 

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Further Research

This study was a first step upon which to build future research. The negative perceptions about commitment to patient safety reflected in this study need further investigation to clarify the attitudes of front-line healthcare providers and leadership staff toward patient safety. To create a positive culture of safety, the current organizational environment must be assessed, including organizational structure and willingness to initiate, support, and maintain a positive work environment rather than a destructive, punitive system.


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