Perception of Front-line Healthcare Providers Toward Patient Safety: A Preliminary Study in a University Hospital in Egypt

Hanan Abdullah Ezzat Abbas, PhDN, MScN; Nora Ahmed Bassiuni, PhDN, MSN, BScN; Fatma Mostafa Baddar, PhDN, MSN, BScN


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2008;8(2) 

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Conclusion and Recommendations for Action

Patient safety is an integral part of the delivery of quality patient care, and achieving an acceptable standard of patient safety requires that all healthcare settings develop patient safety systems including both a positive culture of safety and an organizational support for safety processes. This will not be possible unless the perceptions of the front-line healthcare providers and management are positively managed and directed. Based on our findings, we recommend that an effective safety culture should be initiated, supported, and maintained organization-wide, among both front-line personnel and senior leaders, to improve safety and quality. This can be achieved through specific actions and behaviors that embody a commitment to safety:

  • Provide safety education to front-line staff, managers, and physicians that includes team training and education in communication techniques.

  • Advocate safety as everyone's responsibility and incorporate a safety culture initiative into the overall organizational patient safety plan; ensure that patient safety initiatives, action plans, and results, as well as interventions to improve safety, are periodically reported to the board of directors.

  • Empower staff to identify and ameliorate hazards and risks by allocating adequate safety resources and establishing a nonpunitive system for reporting errors and events.

  • Implement a reward-based reporting system and ensure timely feedback to staff on how reports are used to improve patient safety.

  • Healthcare leaders and researchers should develop a "code of safe health settings and practices" to keep health practices much safer and up to the required standards.

  • Healthcare organizations should conduct conferences, seminars, and discussions about how to initiate and maintain safety culture among all working teams while providing patient care.


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