Children Playing With Poison: Arsenic Exposure From CCA-treated Wood

Deborah L. Baptist,RN, BSN; Nan S Leslie, PhD,RN,WHNP


Journal for Nurse Practitioners. 2008;4(1):48-53. 

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Final Thoughts

As health care professionals who are in direct contact with children and their families, nurse practitioners need to be aware of the potential pathways through which children can be exposed to toxins in the environment. Awareness can begin with an understanding of the role that CCA-treated wood potentially plays in the exposure of children to arsenic. Recognizing the hazards posed by this type of wood will allow nurse practitioners to take measures to educate children, parents, and communities about the negative health outcomes that contact with CCA-treated structures can have on children, and, thus, potentially minimize or eradicate this preventable form of arsenic exposure.


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