The Toxicity of Diesel Exhaust: Implications for Primary Care

Irina N. Krivoshto, BA; John R. Richards, MD; Timothy E. Albertson, MD, MPH, PhD; Robert W. Derlet, MD


J Am Board Fam Med. 2008;21(1):55-62. 

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A link between hypertension and diesel exhaust exposure seems to exist, based on several studies.[54,55,56,57] Transient hypertension has been associated with brief periods of severe pollution and is possibly related to the effect of DEPs on cardiovascular autonomic control. This sudden increase in blood pressure may be a cofactor in the development of myocardial ischemia precipitated by diesel exhaust exposure. At levels encountered in an urban environment, inhalation of dilute diesel exhaust impairs regulation of vascular tone and endogenous fibrinolysis.[58]


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