Ectopic Pregnancy: Diagnosis and Management

Jennifer L Kulp; Kurt T Barnhart


Women's Health. 2008;4(1):79-87. 

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Signs & Symptoms

Patients with ectopic pregnancy may present in the first trimester of pregnancy with vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. These symptoms are neither sensitive nor specific and are also associated with other pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage. Furthermore, patients with an ectopic pregnancy may be asymptomatic. Certain symptoms are suggestive of possible tubal rupture with intra-abdominal hemorrhage and require immediate intervention. These include hypovolemic shock and syncope. Other suggestive findings on physical examination are abdominal tenderness with rebound or guarding. Findings on pelvic examination may be nonspecific and include a tender adnexal mass, which may not been seen in most patients with ectopic pregnancy.[9,10,11]


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