Cognitive Dysfunction in MS: Bridging the Gap Between Neurocognitive Deficits, Neuropsychological Batteries and MRI

Erica Grazioli; Ann E Yeh; Ralph HB Benedict; Joy Parrish; Bianca Weinstock-Guttman


Future Neurology. 2008;3(1):49-59. 

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Future Perspective

The development of new sensitive and cost-effective neurocognitive batteries, in addition to new neuroimaging and electrophysiological techniques will improve monitoring of the disease process in MS. It will also provide a means by which to measure the efficacy of different therapeutic interventions for MS. A better understanding of cognitive function and its correlation with disease mechanisms, including inflammatory, degenerative and destructive processes, will provide an important step in moving towards measurement of clinical outcomes in future trials that seek to find a cure for this devastating disease.


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