Radiation During Cardiovascular Imaging

Ariel Roguin; Prashant Nair


Br J Cardiol. 2007;14(5):289-292. 

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The physician’s judgment is crucial in the face of diverse clinical presentations and varying patient characteristics. The physician’s aim is to improve patient care and health outcome, not only in a cost-effective manner, but also with the safe use of available technology.

Although ionising radiation is hazardous, the risk of radiation exposure is usually not a major concern when placed in the context of the information obtained and the benefits of the procedure. Since the risk for such a complication depends on individual circumstances, the physician should carefully weigh which test should be recommended for each patient and discuss the options with the patient.

Clinical decision-making should take into account the radiation doses of the investigations. However, the key is not the dose of the investigation requested but whether it is appropriate to the actual question being asked.


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