Evaluation of Different Mixing Procedures for K2 EDTA Primary Samples on Hematological Testing

Giuseppe Lippi, MD; 1 Gian Luca Salvagno, MD; 1 Martina Montagnana, MD; 1 Giuseppe Banfi, MD; 2 Gian Cesare Guidi, MD1


Lab Med. 2007;38(12):723-725. 

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When compared with the reference specimens inverted 6 times, results on unmixed specimens revealed statistically significant decreases for RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and PLT, whereas the MPV appeared significantly increased ( Table 1 ). However, in none of the specimens did these differences exceeded the current analytical quality specifications for desirable bias derived from biological variation.[5] No statistically significant biases were observed between specimens inverted 6 and 12 times. In none of the specimens were the test results flagged by the cell counter for the presence of platelet clumping (peripheral blood smears were not reviewed for platelet clumps, since the instrument provides very accurate platelet counts in most species, detects platelet clumps, and flags their presence).


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