Evidence-Based Practice: Understanding the Process

Katherine J. Dontje MSN, APRN, BC


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2007;7(4) 

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Evidence-based practice is an essential part of quality healthcare and nursing practice.[7] The NP needs to understand the process of developing a clinical question that is clear and focused. The PICO process is 1 way to facilitate the development of a searchable question.[4] The Iowa Model of EBP provides the NP a framework of how to think about EBP within his/her particular healthcare system.[6] These 2 frameworks provide the NP with a way to process a clinical question and use research findings to assure that the practice and provider are offering the most up-to-date evidence-based care to the patient within the clinical setting. NPs can be champions of this process and strive to improve the quality of care that patients receive.


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