Evidence-Based Practice: Understanding the Process

Katherine J. Dontje MSN, APRN, BC


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2007;7(4) 

In This Article

Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing

Many in the nursing community have been reluctant to embrace EBP, citing concerns that it is a "cookie cutter approach" (ie, by rote or by a preset formula) and ignores the art of nursing practice. Yet, a key element of EBP is the personalization of the evidence to fit the patient circumstances.

Nursing models of care emphasize the importance of using EBP in a patient-centered model, to provide high quality care, in a supportive, mutual decision-making atmosphere.[5] The nursing model of care and EBP are extremely compatible -- their conceptual frameworks both promote integration of evidence and patient preferences into practice decisions. Because of the compatibility between the nursing model of care and EBP, NPs are in an excellent position to take leadership of EBP initiatives.


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