Essential Resources for Cardiology

Emily T. Cooper, BA


January 14, 2008

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Online Resources

The Internet is rich in cardiology resources. Below you will find my top choices, including heart sounds, self-quizzes, and electrocardiogram (ECG) tutorials.

  1. The University of Utah's ECG learner is one of several outstanding sites for mastering the ECG (also referred to as the EKG). This site provides excellent tutorials as well as self-quizzes. If you get through all 12 lessons, you will be a master of the ECG (at least for a nonelectrophysiologist).

  2. Also from Utah, Hyper Heart is an interactive flash tutorial of the beating heart. This is a great site to link together heart sounds, pressure-volume curves, ECGs, and pump mechanics.

  3. The Visible Heart is an educational tool for observing how a real heart works from within. You can see a beating heart, all the valve actions, the contractions of atria and ventricles, and the architecture of the heart as it beats; great live video of the beating heart.

  4. If you need help with your cardio examination and heart sounds, look no further. These 3 sites below will meet all of your needs:

  5. Take a quick look at this site from the University of San Francisco for a lesson on placing ECG leads, along with the physiologic explanation (turn on your audio to hear the lesson).


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