Role of Adaptive Thermogenesis in Unsuccessful Weight-Loss Intervention

Angelo Tremblay; Geneviève Major; Éric Doucet; Paul Trayhurn; Arne Astrup


Future Lipidology. 2007;2(6):651-658. 

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Future Perspective

This paper provides evidence suggesting that equations estimating metabolic rate may not be adequate to determine energy needs in some individuals. This is likely the case for some obese individuals who are tested after weight loss when metabolic rate can be substantially lower than what is predicted by changes in body weight or composition. In this context, it is likely that the clinical evaluation of obese and weight-reduced individuals may require a greater level of sophistication by incorporating techniques such as indirect calorimetry in the evaluation setting. Without such an improvement in clinical characterization, the physioogical vulnerability and the good compliance of some patients might remain unrecognized realities.


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