Honey: Nutritional and Medicinal Value

F. R. Khan; Z. Ul. Abadin; N. Rauf


Int J Clin Pract. 2007;61(10):1705-1707. 

In This Article

How Much and How to Apply Honey?

The quantity of honey used varies; two studies reported using a thin layer honey, but most just refer to the honey being spread or poured over the wound. There is no indication of any of the reported modes of application of honey being decided upon empirical or theoretical grounds, the large degree of variance in modes appearing to reflect a more notional approach. Rationally, the amount of honey required per unit area of the wound would depend on the amount of exudation. The procedure that is described in most of the reports is to clean the wound first, even though many describe honey as having a cleansing and debriding action on wounds. Some report abscesses being opened and pockets of pus drained, necrotic tissue being removed, before dressing wounds with honey. Most report simply washing wounds with saline before dressing with honey, and when dressings are changed.[14]


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