Hyaluronic Acid Treatment of Facial Fat Atrophy in HIV-positive Patients

H Bugge; A Negaard; L Skeie; B Bergersen


HIV Medicine. 2007;8(8):475-482. 

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This is the first study using Restylane SubQ to treat HIV-related facial lipoatrophy, and our results show that hyaluronic acid can produce significant improvements in the restoration of facial fat thickness. It was effective in achieving aesthetic correction of the cheeks and provided durable improvement for most patients for at least 1 year. Although some patients had palpable lumps following treatment, there were no serious adverse effects and no treatment interruptions because of side effects. A hyaluronic acid product with larger particles appears to be a useful supplement to fillers for HIV-infected patients in need of treatment for facial lipoatrophy.


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