Factors Affecting Aseptic Loosening of 4750 Total Hip Arthroplasties: Multivariate Survival Analysis

Barbara Bordini; Susanna Stea; Manuela De Clerico; Sergio Strazzari; Antonio Sasdelli; Aldo Toni


BMC Musculoskelet Disord 

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The chi-square test used to test globally the model applied was significant if, on the whole, the variables put into the model influenced significantly the outcome of prosthetic surgery (chi-square for cup = 52.49; chi-square for stem = 69.604, both significant AT p = 0.001). In the analysis of cup failure the total number of valid observations was 4,750, of which 4,616 were not removed and 134 were revised ( Table 5 ). 46 patients out of 134 had cup and stem failure at the same time.

The outcome is not significantly affected by clinical condition, right or left side, or surgeon's skill. In the analysis of stem failure the total number of valid observations was 4,750, of which 4,645 were not removed and 86 were revised.

Outcome is not significantly affected by Charnley score, side, or diagnosis.( Table 6 ) Both cup and stem survival are negatively affected by age under forty, and cemented fixation of the components. Besides this, the cup survival is also negatively affected by a preoperative congenital disease or fracture and sequelae. On the contrary, stem survival is not affected by the pathology, but is negatively affected by male gender and lower surgeon skill.


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