ST Segment Elevation on Electrocardiogram: The Electrocardiographic Pattern of Brugada Syndrome

Ali A. Sovari, MD; Marilyn A. Prasun, RN, PhD; Abraham G. Kocheril, MD, FAC C, FACP

In This Article


Emergency physicians should be aware of Brugada ECG pattern in differential diagnosis of ST segment elevation in anterior precordial leads of ECG and associated VT/VF and SCD. In majority of the cases and especially in young patients consultation with a cardiologist or electrophysiologist is required. This report also points out the possibility of late presentation of Brugada syndrome and how it may change the management.

Although our patient's ECG was typical for type 1 Brugada pattern, she did not have any clinical criteria of the syndrome. Therefore the article presents a case with a type 1 ECG pattern characteristic of Brugada syndrome and not a Brugada syndrome. Our patient had no family history of SCD, Brugada syndrome or any syncopal events. Since she was unusually old for the presentation of Brugada syndrome and had experienced no cardiac event in her 77 years, she did not undergo EPS or ICD implantation.


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