Joint Loading in the Lower Extremities During Elliptical Exercise

Tung-Wu Lu; Hui-Lien Chien; Hao-Ling Chen


Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2007;39(9):1651-1658. 

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The current study showed that smaller vertical PRF and loading rates during simulated walking on an ET were achieved at the expense of greater hip flexor and knee extensor moments. The joint kinematics and dynamics of the lower limbs during EE appeared to result from the closed kinetic chain motion of the locomotor system with the constrained pedal trajectory. Use of the ET for athletic and rehabilitative training would have to consider users' joint function and muscle strength, especially at the knee, to avoid injuries. Future designs of ET may consider improving the mobility of the pedal system and reducing the slope of the pedal ellipse to reduce harmful joint loadings.

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