Plantar Fasciitis: Evidence-Based Management

Robert D. Glatter, MD, FAAEM


October 10, 2007

Plantar Fasciitis: Clinical Pearls

  • Plantar fasciitis is an injury of overuse and is unrelated to trauma.

  • The condition is due to microtears in the collagen fibers of the plantar fascia.

  • Plantar fasciitis represents a tendinosis, not an inflammatory condition.

  • Symptoms are due to fascial strain at the take-off phase of walking, not heel impact.

  • Clinicians should look for alternative causes of pain in adolescent and elderly patients.

  • The diagnosis is a clinical one in the majority of cases. Radiographs are of limited value.

  • Up to 85% of patients will improve, independent of the mode of therapy used, if at all.


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