Room-temperature Storage of Medications Labeled for Refrigeration

Victor Cohen; Samantha P. Jellinek; Leftherios Teperikidis; Elliot Berkovits; William M. Goldman


Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2007;64(16):1711-1715. 

In This Article


Of the 189 medications listed in AHFS Drug Information 2006 for storage in a refrigerator,[9] 89 were present in our pharmacy department's refrigerator and were included in this review. The information for 34 of these medications (38%) was obtained from the official prescribing information. A total of 44 manufacturers were contacted and asked to provide the relevant information for the remaining 55 medications (62%). Since 6 manufacturers were unable to provide information for 10 medications, information was compiled and tabulated for 79 medications ( Table 1 ).


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