Gerit D. Mulder, DPM, MS; Joseph P. Cavorsi, MD; Daniel K. Lee, DPM


Wounds. 2007;19(7):173-182. 

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Four patients (5 wounds) from 1 site were used strictly for the economic analysis below. Of the remaining 8, 1 patient (3 wounds) was lost to follow-up after 1 week of BWD-PHMB treatment. The remaining patients had BWD-PHMB applied over periods of 1 to 7 weeks. Results of the 8 patients demonstrated a decrease in wound size on average from 6.79 cm2 to 4.57 cm2 (42% reduction) in an average of 25 days ( Table 2 ). Two of the wounds completely healed during the study, 13 improved, and 2 showed a slight increase in size.


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