Women's Perceptions of the Impact of a Domestic Violence Treatment Program for Male Perpetrators

Karen S. Hayward, PhD, RN, SANE-A; Susan Steiner, PhD, RNC, FNP; Kathy Sproule, MS, RN, FNP-C


J Foren Nurs. 2007;3(2):77-83. 

In This Article


The research proposal was reviewed by the Idaho State University Human Subjects Committee with full approval obtained prior to the inception of the investigation. A descriptive qualitative design was used to explore victims' perceptions of the impact of an Idaho state-approved batterer intervention program defined as a "Men's Nonviolence" course. The program was offered through a nonprofit organization in southeast Idaho. Constant comparative analysis was employed to develop conceptualizations of all possible relations between various pieces of data (Thorne, 2000). A purposeful attempt was made to confirm or disconfirm the emerging results, so that a thorough description and explanation of female victims' perceptions would be presented.


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