Treating the Ocular Component of Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis and Related Eye Disorders

Leonard Bielory, MD; C. H. Katelaris, MD; Susan Lightman, FRCP, FRCOphth, PhD; Robert M. Naclerio, MD

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Ocular allergies, which are often underdiagnosed, have a significant impact on the life of the patient. These symptoms are expensive in terms of treatment and also in terms of indirect costs. It is vital to reach a better understanding of allergic mechanisms and inflammation, which may lead to improved treatment. Moreover, the emergence of new medications for the treatment of nasal and ocular symptoms may improve compliance in patients suffering from allergic conditions, such as AR, in which the ocular component is present. Currently, the most effective treatments for AR are INS; it would be advantageous, therefore, to develop a drug of this class that is consistently shown to improve eye symptoms (as well as nasal symptoms) to provide greater symptom relief, increase patient compliance, and reduce costs associated with the current requirement for multiple medications.


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