Skin Manifestations of Intravascular Lymphoma Mimic Inflammatory Diseases of the Skin

J. Röglin; A. Böer


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2007;157(1):16-25. 

In This Article

Materials and Methods

Reports in the literature were reviewed to identify patients with IVL who had skin manifestations of the disease. Articles were retrieved via Medline search for the terms 'intravascular lymphoma' and 'angioendotheliomatosis' and from references listed in those articles. Descriptions of clinical lesions were analysed for features in common among them in regard to site of involvement, colour of lesions, shape and consistency of lesions, and associated symptoms. Lesions of patients who presented only with skin lesions were compared with those in patients who also had involvement of other organs in order to identify differences between both groups. Lesions of patients with proven IVL-BCL were compared with those encountered in proven IVL-TCL. Figures published in articles were collected by us and are reproduced here in order to show the morphological spectrum of the disease.


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