Surgery for Brain Edema

Peter Hutchinson, F.R.C.S.(SN); Ivan Timofeev, M.R.C.S.; Peter Kirkpatrick, F.R.C.S.(SN)


Neurosurg Focus. 2007;22(5):E14 

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Other Indications

Decompressive craniectomy has also been applied in the treatment of brain edema in a variety of other conditions. Reported indications, described predominantly in single cases or small case series, include meningitis,[6] acute encephalitis,[52,63] toxoplasmosis,[2] acute disseminated encephalomyelitis,[56] encephalopathy due to Reye syndrome,[5] subdural empyema,[53,72] and cerebral venous and dural sinus thrombosis.[40,66,76]