Learning to "Live With" Chronic Pain: Lessons From Mrs. Tandy

Paul Arnstein, PhD, APRN, BC

Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2007;7(1) 

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Advanced practice nurses are in a position to provide optimal treatment for the growing cohort of patients with chronic pain. The case study of Mrs. Tandy provides a poignant and subtle review of guiding principles likely to result in treatment success. The process of assessment and treatment planning reveals the importance of psychosocial factors that are often overlooked. Strategies for taking a stepwise approach to the medical and nondrug management of chronic pain are detailed and provide the foundation for the education and counseling interventions by a nurse practitioner that yielded improved functioning and enhanced quality of life. The power of providing encouragement, teaching self-management skills, sharing vicarious experiences, and using persuasion is evident.


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