Ectopic Pregnancies in Unusual Locations

Thomas A Molinaro, M.D.; Kurt T Barnhart,M.D.,M.S.C.E.


Semin Reprod Med. 2007;25(2):123-130. 

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Ectopic pregnancy is a relatively frequent event that is potentially life threatening. Ectopic pregnancies of unusual location are encountered much less frequently, but are perhaps more morbid. The use of advanced ultrasonography and MRI imaging techniques in combination with ultrasensitive serum β-hCG assays should lead to early diagnosis. An astute clinician should have a low threshold for suspicion of implantation in the cervix, abdomen, or ovary. There are no large prospective trials regarding treatment of many of these unusual ectopic pregnancies. Case reports and anecdotal evidence are key in establishing the diagnosis and in helping to formulate a treatment plan. The clinician should select a treatment (whether medical or surgical) with which he or she feels comfortable. Emergent measures to obtain hemostasis should be readily available, and multiple treatment modalities should be used. In conclusion, treatment of these unusual ectopic gestations may not be as commonplace as treatment of tubal pregnancies, but with early diagnosis and effective planning, their treatment can be equally as effective.


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