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Jane Jerrard

The Hospitalist. 2007;11(5):11-15. 

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Find a Good Fit

The most important factor to consider in taking a job is simply, are you a good fit for the group? Finding a good match for the group's values and mission is crucial to the success of the organization and the new hire.

When you meet with hospitalists in the group, "Ask what the mission or values are of the group," says Dr. Michael-Anthony Williams. "Do they know what their mission is– and is it coherent? Coherence will lend stability over time."

Dr. Panwala stresses finding a "like-minded" group. "You'll work with them day in and day out. If you don't mesh well, you're going to be miserable," he says. "You turn your patient over to another hospitalist at 8 p.m., and when you come in the next morning, you take over someone else's patients. It's very much a marriage."


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