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Jane Jerrard

The Hospitalist. 2007;11(5):11-15. 

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An Academic Job Search

If you decide you want to work in an academic setting, you don't have to go far to start your search. "I'd think you could start by talking to the head of your department and ask if they can look around and put in a word for you," says Dr. Harris.

Mark V. Williams, MD, FACP, director of Emory Healthcare's Hospital Medicine Unit in Atlanta and editor of The Journal of Hospital Medicine, will become chief of the new Division of Hospital Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago later this year. He recommends scoping out how a potential employer's hospital medicine group is perceived and treated within the institution.

"People coming out of residency should look at the amount of support provided by the department of medicine for the hospital medicine group," he says. "Are the hospitalists active members of the department, with key faculty in leadership positions such as residency or associate residency program director, or are they being hired just to deliver clinical care? Ask if there is funded support for hospital medicine research faculty. If not, the job may be just like working in a community setting, only community settings historically pay better."

Signs that an institution has a strong commitment to the field include the presence of a division of hospital medicine, and possibly even a hospital medicine fellowship.


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