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Jane Jerrard

The Hospitalist. 2007;11(5):11-15. 

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Begin Early

The best job search begins before you graduate. "When you're looking for a job, start as early as possible," advises Sameer Badlani, MD, hospitalist and instructor at the University of Chicago. "Most people don't realize how long it takes."

To prepare for employment, take steps toward getting your medical license and put your paperwork in order. "If you know which state or states you want to be in, go ahead and start the state licensing as soon as possible," says Dr. Badlani. "Each state has its own set of forms, and you can at least have the packet ready to send in."

You can also prepare your certification materials so that they are ready to turn over to your future employer: "The FCVS [Federation Credentials Verification Service] is a repository for all your training certificates," explains Dr. Badlani. "It costs $250 to get a copy of all your certificates, and an additional $30 every time you send it out to a [potential employer]. Some states will only accept certificates from FCVS, and I think that someday all states will require this."

As a first step for the actual job search, Dr. Harris recommends trying to network through your university and your residency program. "Your program may keep a list of where residents have gone to work; you can at least talk to recent graduates that you know," she says. "Call them up and see how they like what they're doing."

You can broaden your search by joining the industry association and exploring job postings. "I'd recommend that anyone become a member of SHM," says Dr. Harris. "There are a variety of job postings available through their Web site. You can also simply "Google" 'hospitalist jobs,' and find all kinds of national services, headhunters, and companies." To view job postings t through SHM's online Career Center, visit http://www.hospitalmedicine.org/ and click "Career Center."

Hospitalist Sanjiv Panwala, MD, a hospitalist at Providence Medical Center, Portland, Ore., has created http://www.mdgrad.com/, a Web site that includes portals to hospital medicine job postings.


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