Essentials of Female Sexual Dysfunction from a Sex Therapy Perspective

Linda E. Ohl, MSW, CSW, ACH


Urol Nurs. 2007;27(1):57-63. 

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What Can Your Patient Expect from a Sex Therapist Referral?

There are many misconceptions in society when the term "sex therapist" is used, ranging from having to perform sexually in front of the therapist to arranging sexual surrogacy. Prior to a referral to a therapist, the clinician should reassure the patient that the therapist is a professional who will be dealing with the psychological issues having to do with FSD. There may be uncomfortable discussions in the office, but it should be clear that this will be a very professional psychotherapy encounter.

There are many models for therapy used in treating FSD. One of the most popular is the PLISSIT model (see Table 3 ), which applies progressively more intensive techniques as necessary to address the patient's specific needs. Sex counselors have been trained to apply the initial three steps (P-LI-SS), while sex therapists can provide all four levels of intervention (P-LI-SS-IT).


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