Return on Investment: Benefits and Challenges of a Baccalaureate Nurse Residency Program

Rosemary Pine, MSN, RN, CDE; Kathryn Tart, EdD, RN, CNE


Nurs Econ. 2007;21(5):13-18, 39. 

In This Article

The Orientation Process

Once the graduate nurse is hired at TMH, the nurse is entered into three programs. The first program is a general orientation program which provides orientation to general hospital polices and procedures, review of clinical skills common to all acute care units, and review of familiar clinical problems faced by all nurses. Then, the graduate proceeds to unit-based orientation which consists of classes that provide specialized knowledge and clinical time with a preceptor. Graduate nurses are oriented under the supervision of their preceptor. Time spent directly in unit-based orientation varies from as little as 6 weeks to as much as 6 months. The process may be extended, depending on adjustment and transition into the care setting by the graduate nurse.

Simultaneously, the baccalaureate graduate nurse is entered into the nurse residency program. The UHC provides a standardized curriculum comprising a series of learning sessions that are designed to achieve outcomes related to competency in practice. The formalized residency program aids in the use of critical thinking, decision making, and professional development tools. Figure 2 reflects the curricular concepts that are threaded through each class session. The graduate nurse meets in a 4-hour class session each month with the UHC coordinator, facilitators, and preceptors. Table 1 shows the unique structure of each class session. Based on the UHC goals, TMH residency objectives are:

  1. Enhance my feelings of competency and confidence.

  2. Make me aware of TMH resources.

  3. Provide me with a safe space to share.

  4. Help me thrive and survive.

Class Session Design


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