Dietary Factors in the Modulation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Activity

Shinil Shah, DO, PGY-1


March 27, 2007


A case report of 2 patients may indicate the potential use of bromelain as an adjunctive agent in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. The 2 patients were unable to achieve remission on standard therapy. Clinical and endoscopic evidence of improvement was documented. Bromelain is derived from the stems of pineapple, and is believed to be a proteolytic enzyme.[54] A more recent study, documenting the use of bromelain in an IL-10-deficient murine model of IBD, demonstrated that bromelain supplementation resulted in decreased clinical and histological severity of colonic inflammation. The proteolytic property of bromelain is necessary for its anti-inflammatory properties, and some hypothesize that cell surface molecules and consequently T-cell activation may be altered by bromelain.[55]


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