Gastrointestinal Plasmacytoma Causing Anemia in a Patient With Multiple Myeloma

Tuba Esfandyari; Susan C Abraham; Amindra S Arora


Nat Clin Pract Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007;4(2):111-115. 

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The evaluation of anemia in a patient with multiple myeloma, even with normal red blood cell mean corpuscular volume, should include investigation of gastrointestinal blood loss due to gastrointestinal plasmacytoma. The endoscopic appearance of gastrointestinal plasmacytoma (thickened folds, polyposis, ulcers, masses or plaques), however, is similar to that of poorly differentiated neoplasms, MALT lymphoma and amyloidosis. These diseases, however, carry different prognoses and differentiation (by biopsy flowcytometry and immunostaining) is crucial.

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