Treatment of Acne Scarring

M. Alam, MD, MSCI; J. S. Dover, MD, FRCPC, FRCP


Skin Therapy Letter. 2006;11(9):7-9. 

In This Article

Treatment Modalities for Textural Change

Among the therapeutic tools for treatment of acne scarring are resurfacing methods, fillers, and other dermal remodeling techniques. These methods can be adapted to treat specific scar types.


Resurfacing options include:

  • Ablative resurfacing with carbon dioxide or erbium: yttrium aluminum garnet (Er:YAG) laser, medium- depth to deep chemical peel, dermabrasion, or plasma

  • Nonablative and partially ablative resurfacing with fractional laser, infrared laser (1,320nm neodymium:YAG (Nd:YAG), 1,450nm diode, or 1,540nm erbium:Glass)


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