Comparative Analysis of Insulin Gene Promoters: Implications for Diabetes Research

Colin W. Hay; Kevin Docherty


Diabetes. 2006;55(12):3201-3213. 

In This Article

Regulatory Element Spacing

The spacing between the individual regulatory elements within the particularly well-conserved cassette of C1, E1, and A1 boxes has been shown to alter the relative stimulatory effects of the transcription factors that bind along with their synergistic interactions.[91] Comparison of mammalian insulin promoters in this region showed that the relative spacing of the regulatory elements has been maintained for at least 35 million years, as there is no deviation in the primates. On the other hand, all the rodent insulin promoters contained insertions and deletions between all three sites. In mammals lacking A1, the C1-E1 spacing was maintained in both pig and dog while cow had a one base pair insertion between C1 and E1.


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