Intracavernosol Injection Algorithm

Jeffrey A. Albaugh, MS, APRN, CUCNS


Urol Nurs. 2006;26(6):449-453. 

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Although each man's individual circumstance and history must be carefully considered and titration individualized accordingly, general guidelines can be used to determine initial dosing and medication titration for intracavernosal injection treatment. In my clinical practice, this algorithm has been utilized as a general guide for initial dosing and titration of commonly used vasoactive intracavernosal injectables. It is essential that health care professionals continue to provide comprehensive one-on-one teaching and followup for patients and their partners who will be using intracavernosal injection therapy for erectile dysfunction. Comprehensive education on this treatment option can decrease the chance of adverse events (for example, teaching the patient to rotate injection sites to avoid scarring leading to Peyronie's disease or applying pressure at the injection site for 5 minutes immediately after injection to prevent bleeding) and can assist the patient to find the correct dose and medication to bring about an erection sufficient for sexual relations. With the help of a trained professional, patients can successfully learn to incorporate intracavernosal injection therapy into love play with their partner.


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