Bupropion Normalizes Cognitive Performance in Patients With Depression

C. Thomas Gualtieri, MD; Lynda G. Johnson, PhD

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In Table 1 , columns 2-5 are the domain scores NCI scores for the 3 antidepressant groups and normal controls. F scores from MANOVA and significance levels are shown in columns 6 and 7. Significant group differences exist for 4 of 5 domain scores and for the NCI. The sources of these differences were established by pairwise t tests and are presented in Table 2 . The SSRI group scored significantly below normals in tests of psychomotor speed, cognitive flexibility, and reaction time. The venlafaxine group scored more poorly than normals in reaction time, a measure of information processing speed derived from the Stroop test. The bupropion group did not differ from normals in any of the cognitive domains.


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