Consumers Are Ready to Accept the Transition to Online and Electronic Records If They Can Be Assured of the Security Measures

Prajesh Chhanabhai, BSc, MSc, HINZ, ACM NZ Chapter; Alec Holt BSc, DipSci, MCom (Otago), MNZRS, PhD (Otago)

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Limitations of the Study

This study achieved the goals that it aimed to cover. However, there were a number of limitations in this study, and future work in this area may look to improve on these areas. Time was a crucial factor. This study was limited to 1 year and thus had to be scaled down to ensure that valid and meaningful results could be obtained. The study did achieve that. However, with a longer time frame, this study could be conducted with a larger population sample, which could be divided into rural areas and urban areas. This might be a better indication of how location could be a factor. Also, the study did not divulge into various ethnic groups, as cultural values may influence perceptions. By adding an ethnic dimension to this study, it may show the different perceptions of security that are a result of different cultures. Different cultures perceive healthcare in different ways, and health information takes on a different meaning in different cultures.

The actual research design may have an inherent potential for bias, as some of the questions themselves may have resulted in the respondents believing something that they may not have known, but believed they had known. This may have played some role in the overall answering of the questions; however, this may not have resulted in heavy bias, as the results indicated there was generally an even spread of answers to most questions.

A factor that may have led to bias in this study was the actual respondents themselves. It was intended for the study to be filled in by consumers who were attending a healthcare provider. This may have introduced bias if the participant was not feeling well; thus, it may have affected how the questions were answered.


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