Effects of Genetic Polymorphisms on the Pharmacokinetics of Calcineurin Inhibitors

Kyle N. Utecht; Jon J. Hiles; Jill Kolesar


Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2006;63(23):2340-2348. 

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For renal transplant recipients receiving tacrolimus as an immunosuppressant, practitioners can expect CYP3A5*1 carriers to have a tacrolimus clearance 25-45% greater than that of CYP3A5*3 homozygotes, with proportional dosing needs to maintain adequate immunosuppression. Since inadequate immunosuppression is linked to graft rejection, evaluation of CYP3A5 polymorphisms may be helpful in determining an appropriate starting dosage, rapidly achieving adequate immunosuppression, and ultimately improving the outcome of renal transplantation.


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