Highlights of the Annual Scientific Meeting of NAASO, The Obesity Society

October 20-24, 2006; Boston, Massachusetts

Heather K. Stein, MD, MPH


January 05, 2007

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The discussion of ongoing basic science research is beyond the scope of this report; however, it is important to recognize the significant number of presentations aimed at increasing our understanding of the physiology of obesity, including the role of adipose tissue and leptin, the neurophysiology of taste, the molecular biology of obesity, the role of the hypothalamus, substrate and fuel metabolism, and the relationship between obesity and inflammation. This information will hopefully translate into clinical practices that will improve the behavioral, pharmacologic, and surgical therapies available to treat obesity. Current research is also examining the use of combination therapy and the role of genes in the etiology and treatment of obesity. The risks and benefits of current and future therapies need to be evaluated, particularly for use among children and adolescents. The impact of obesity on medical comorbidities must also be examined.

The next meeting of NAASO, The Obesity Society will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 20-24, 2007.


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