Flavonoid-Rich Grapeseed Extracts: A New Approach In High Cardiovascular Risk Patients?

P. Kar; D. Laight; K. M. Shaw; M. H. Cummings


Int J Clin Pract. 2006;60(11):1484-1492. 

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Cardiovascular disease is one of the most important public health issues in the modern world - accountable for a sizeable portion of morbidity and mortality. An increasing population coupled with reduced exercise levels and dietary indiscretions have combined to increase the development of this pathology many fold. The recent past has seen an enormous advancement in the understanding of mechanisms underlying this condition. The links between oxidative stress, metabolic syndrome and inflammation are being increasingly unravelled and there is a great interest in therapies that influence the function of endothelial cells, which are key regulatory cells in the vessel wall. The identification of naturally occurring flavonoids that can modulate the production of NO in body cells is an exciting prospect.

The antioxidant and vascular protective aspects of flavonoid-rich products such as GSE, when combined with the potential hypolipidaemic and anti-platelet effects make a strong case for its potential in preventing and treating diseases associated with endothelial injury, oxidative damage and inflammation; chief among which are type 2 DM and atherosclerotic vascular disease. GSE are also an attractive proposition due to their wide availability and safety profile.

To date, there have been no studies examining the effects of GSE upon novel cardiovascular risk factors in high-risk patient groups. Given this observation and the emerging evidence that GSE may have an effect upon reducing oxidative stress, the use of GSE in such patients may demonstrate concomitant improvements in insulin resistance, endothelial function, inflammation in high-risk patient groups and ultimately cardiovascular outcome.

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