Cutaneous Reactions to Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

Andrea L. Musel; Erin M. Warshaw


Dermatitis. 2006;17(3):109-122. 

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Transdermal therapeutic systems (TTSs) are an increasingly common mode of drug delivery. However, they are ideally suited to produce sensitization because they simulate Kligman's maximization procedure with long-term occlusion and concomitant irritation. Allergy to the active pharmaceutical agents, adhesives, and other components has been described. Irritant reactions are also common but may be managed by rotation of TTS sites and pretreatment with topical corticosteroids. If discontinuation of a TTS is necessary, most patients will be able to successfully transition to the use of oral agents. More research is needed for the development of TTSs that are nonirritating and less sensitizing.

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