Examining Male Infertility

Susanne Quallich


Urol Nurs. 2006;26(4):277-288. 

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Fertility Preservation

The future of infertility treatment continues to evolve. This is partly a response to changes in technology as a whole, but is also inspired but the increasing survival rates of cancers that affect young people during their reproductive years and the trend for couples to delay pregnancy. There are currently available options for preservation of fertility for men, primarily sperm cryopreservation; this can be a reasonable option for men planning to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment and can serve as a 'backup' in the event that spermatogenesis does not rebound after treatment. But it is also an option for those at risk for exposure to toxins or even those being deployed in the military. The future may see options for the storage of testicular tissue, autologous spermatogonial stem cell transplantation, or gene therapies to treat genetic causes of male infertility.


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