Paving and Resurfacing the Road to Magnet: Part III - Unique Organizational Characteristics

Alison P. Smith


Nurs Econ. 2006;24(4):213-215. 

In This Article


Based upon the insights of Magnet Coordinators who have achieved ANCC Magnet® Recognition, Part III of this series will explore creative approaches to engaging staff, sustaining Magnet status, and achieving Magnet status in unionized, community, or rural hospitals. In Parts I and II, the coordinators described aspects of organizational purpose, culture, survey preparation logistics, and financial requirements supporting the Magnet process. While the past articles have emphasized numerous common threads as well as unique characteristics, this article will emphasize more of the latter. Specifically, each organization tackled their efforts to raise and sustain awareness with a special flair that was in keeping with their style and culture. Similarly, some organizations faced external realities to which the survey process is blind, but required special consideration in the preparation process.


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