Hidrocystomas - A Brief Review

Khashayar Sarabi, BS, MSIV; Amor Khachemoune, MD, CWS


September 06, 2006

Associated Syndromes

The inherited disorders that are most commonly associated with the presence of multiple eccrine/apocrine hidrocystomas are Goltz-Gorlin syndrome and Schopf-Schulz-Passarge syndrome.

Goltz-Gorlin (also known as Jessner-Cole syndrome, or focal dermal hypoplasia) tends to occur sporadically, with few familial cases having X-linked dominant transmission; it occurs mostly in females. Its cardinal features are microcephaly; midfacial hypoplasia; malformed ears; microphthalmia; periocular multiple hidrocystomas; papillomas of the lip, tongue, anus, and axilla; skeleton abnormalities; and mental retardation.[7]

Schopf-Schulz-Passarge is an autosomal recessive syndrome characterized by multiple eyelid apocrine hidrocystoma, palmoplantar hyperkeratosis, hypodontia, and hypotrichosis. It is further characterized by hypotrichosis, cysts of the eyelids, and multiple periocular apocrine hidrocystomas.[8]

Graves' disease has also been associated with multiple eccrine hidrocystomas,[9] possibly due to hyperhidrosis, which is seen in hyperthyroid patients. This is further supported by the disappearance of lesions after treatment of hyperthyroidism.[9]


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