Hidrocystomas - A Brief Review

Khashayar Sarabi, BS, MSIV; Amor Khachemoune, MD, CWS


September 06, 2006

Case Report

A 69-year-old man presented to our office with a small, clear, cystic papule filled with watery fluid, which had been present for several months. The lesion was observed to be on his left upper eyelid and measured approximately 4 mm x 3 mm (Figure). The patient denied any diplopia, vision loss, or any other lesions on his face or body. His review of systems, personal and family histories were all normal or noncontributory. After diagnosing solitary eccrine hidrocystoma on the basis of the clinical evidence, we discussed Treatment options with our patient, including puncture and drainage of the lesion and surgical excision. The patient opted to return for follow-up observation for the time being, but agreed to consider further intervention should the lesion become symptomatic or more noticeable.


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