Paving and Resurfacing the Road to Magnet: Part II

Alison P. Smith


Nurs Econ. 2006;24(3):156-159. 

In This Article


Beginning in the March/April 2006 Leadership Round table, a three-part series of articles was introduced capturing the advice and wisdom of Magnet® Coordinators from institutions that have been awarded ANCC Magnet Recognition. Part I of the series explored aspects of organizational purpose and culture, executive support, and relationship dynamics with physicians and other clinical disciplines (Smith, 2006). In Part II, strategies to prepare survey documentation, approaches to gap analysis and challenging standards, and methods of financial tracking will be discussed from the coordinators' perspectives. In the July/August issue, Part III will explore creative approaches to engaging staff, sustaining Magnet status, and achieving Magnet status in unionized, community, or rural hospitals.

Across eight different organizations who participated in the interviews, the number of profound similarities and creative differences were remarkable. In each coordinator interview, the values, culture, and commitment to the Magnet journey were pervasive. Each individual described her successes and failures frankly so that other organizations, leaders, and, most importantly, staff and patients could reap the rewards of this evidence-based way of professional life and organizational culture.


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