A Three-Year Follow-up of Lumbar Spine Endplate (Modic) Changes

Mari Kuisma, MD; Jaro Karppinen, MD, DMSc; Jaakko Niinimäki, MD; Mauno Kurunlahti, MD, DMSc; Marianne Haapea, MSc; Heikki Vanharanta, MD, DMSc; Osmo Tervonen, MD, DMSc


Spine. 2006;31(15):1714-1718. 

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Bone marrow and endplate (Modic) changes are common findings in patients with degenerative lumbar disease. We found a prevalence and distribution of changes in symptomatic patients similar to previous studies.[1,2] Interestingly, we found evidence that Modic Type II endplate changes may convert to another type, suggesting a superimposed change such as continued or accelerated degeneration.


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